Founded in 2010 and registered in 2013, Rural Agriculture Development Organisation (RADO) is a non political, nongovernmental organisation whose aims and objectives are to provide technical assistance to enhance existing agricultural skills and capacities of rural farmers. Our main goal is to reduce rural poverty, increase food security and socio- economic competency of women, youth and men to become productive, and enhance sustainable community based peace building approaches to curb violent killing and displacement of people.

South Sudan is in a post-conflict recovery phase after independence on July 9th 2011. This marked the end of years of civil wars with Sudan in which many people from Lakes State fought. However, recurrent rebellions, local insecurity and chronic emergencies have reduced the anticipated dividends of peace. Although some progress has been made by the government to establish itself, Lakes State is still suffering from chronic insecurity caused by tribal and communal violence, cattle raiding, and theft. The state has very limited capacity to respond to conflict and to build long lasting peace among hostile clans and communities within and across the border into other neighboring states. This has had negative impact on agriculture and food production chains across the whole state.

Hunger becomes a major challenge threatening the lives of many people across the state. Women bear the burden of food insecurity or producing food for the families as men are being forced to hide within or run to other states especially Greater Equatoria states to escape from being killed in a series of revenge killing cycles.

These prolonged communal conflicts in Lakes State has fostered a lost generation of youth who have no experience of being self reliance, food secure or even live in peace. As a result of these redundancy, many of the youth engaged in cattle raiding, theft and road robbery.